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Why do we exist?

We want your business to thrive. We do this through building a strong vision, culture and leadership. Our specialty is to empower accountability and innovation in your business.

Through our services we help you and your business to overcome your challenges and thrive!

Our Vision

Transformational businesses with healthy relationships, good solutions, generational and a force for good

Our Purpose

Equip transformational leaders who build healthy, influential businesses

Our Mission

Teach, train and equip business leaders in the areas of leadership, value proposition, innovation and turnaround

Our Tools

We work with practical tools that can be immediately applied and multiplied

What do we deliver?


Build a new culture in your business for a powerful increase in business performance and healthy relationships
Transformational Leadership –

Tackle the core challenges of your business, create compelling products and services customers want to buy
Value Proposition –

Spot trends and innovate! Identifying points of tension between what people want and what is currently available
Innovation –

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Build a healthy business culture where relationships thrive and business is blooming
– Leadership coaching

A clear 5-step program to build your high performing team, empowering them to bring your business to a higher level
– Team coaching

Remove personal and organisational blockages to unleash business growth
– Organisational coaching

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What is your challenge? 

Vision, leadership style, business culture, communication, role clarity,  managing conflicts, accountability, partnerships, value proposition, innovation, generational business, high-performing team or policies, processes, systems and procedures? 

We can help you and your business to overcome these challenges. 

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Do you feel pressure from your investors, suppliers, personnel or society? Then you most likely have a short-term focus.

Reduce the pressure in your business by implementing a long-term vision and notice that your business grows in stability and independence. Renew your business goals and create new partnerships.

We offer you a ‘Short-Long Turnaround’ to revamp your business, using our unique toolbox.

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What do customers say about us?

Feedback is very important for us. Here you can find testimonies of our customers.

New kind of leadership

I was blown away how total commitment to transparency combined with openness, warmth and a clear strategy makes business leadership so successful. Never before in my life did I experience this kind of leadership and I could immediately connect.

Swantje Schmid

Making choices

TL is a different leadership training because themes such as gossip, accountability and taking responsibility as a leader are so clearly presented. In addition, it makes clear that training leaders is ‘simple’ but not easy to achieve. Subjects that are interpreted in the organization are substantiated in what it requires of you as a leader to get to that desired stage and what you do and do not want to allow in your organization. I would recommend TL because of the above and to all leaders who want and dare to make choices for the organization. Those who want to be aware of what establishing a relational culture requires and yields.

Henriette van Dort, Hamewith Talent Development

Deep impression

Sometimes you have those training courses that leave a deep impression on you, simply because they help you to shed a light over all your business activities and to proceed from a clear vision and strategy. That was the Transformational Leadership training for me. With the right focus I can now continue to build on my new company, my team and myself.

Marije van den Berg, author, speaker and event coordinator

Call for transformation

Change is happening all around us with an increasing pace.


New technology is booming, reducing the need for human labour. The complexity of the financial systems becomes too much for humans to grasp. Competition is mostly based on price and the focus on productivity is fierce. Many people become burnout.


In this context, we see a new, countercultural, transformational leadership emerging. Leaders who yearn to be real, doing the right thing, connected to their calling in life, storytellers with a heart and mind to change the world into a better place.

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Our story

We founded LYDIA Connect in 2018 because we saw multiple crises in business. We want to help you to balance human, social, natural and financial capital. To bring back the deeper purpose of your business.

Click any of below picitures to read more about us and our story.

Tiemen Fahner

Tiemen Fahner


Tiemen Fahner is an entrepreneur and transformational leader who is passionate about empowering people to discover and fully exploit their potential. He has more than 20 years experience as a senior executive and program manager within Shell. He is adept at building organizations and has thorough knowledge of the development of new products, concepts and services. His strength lies in advising teams with the aim of healthy relationships, taking accountability and high performance.

Monique Fahner

Monique Fahner

Innovation Director

Monique Fahner is an entrepreneur with a heart for economic justice. As a political scientist she found that when politically nothing is possible, entrepreneurs can offer a solution or outcome. She mobilizes and inspires entrepreneurs to bring lasting transformation to society. Her strength lies in innovation, improvisation and perseverance to realize creative solutions in complex situations.

Always be honest

There is no worse mistake in public leadership than to hold out false hopes soon to be swept away.

Winston Churchill

Get rid of your box!

It is time to come out of your box. Beyond the box in itself is not enough, the box needs to be erased from your system. Instead you need to focus on purpose, the why of your business.

Be prepared for change in order to direct yourself and your business to your purpose.

Monique Fahner

Are you affected by a crisis?

Never waste a crisis, it is an opportunity to learn and grow!

Tiemen Fahner

Be prepared!

You have got to be prepared in order to see the opportunities

Tiemen Fahner


Brilliance is pretty much always risky!

Your role as a leader

As a leader you will function more effectively (and have way more fun!) when you create an environment that brings all the ingredients that you need together. Challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and to expect the unexpected!

Monique Fahner

Leadership corner

Enjoy reading our leaderhip thoughts!

Do you see it?

Often we are so in the moment that we cannot really see what is going on, especially when under pressure. That is why we advise you to keep asking for honest feedback from your team, peers and leaders to keep improving. Not all feedback may be true, but all feedback is relevant! You have to see it (knowledge), in order to own it (attitude) and then you can change it (behaviour)! All change...

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LYDIA Connect registered!

Our company LYDIA Connect is now officially registered since 20 April 2018. We are honoured to offer you four services: transformational leadership training, export readiness training, consultancy and events. Stay tuned!

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