Training schedule fall 2020


Our new training schedule for the fall is online! Click here!

Do you experience pressure due to the measures surrounding corona, the financial crisis or for other reasons? Then now is a good time to give your company a turnaround!

For example, by changing from short to long-term thinking, implementing a new vision, renewing the corporate culture, strengthening leadership, empowering teams and setting up your company in this way. Then follow this Transformational Leadership (TL) training and discover various tools that will help with this.

You can book the following TL-training:

  • Physical Dutch TL-training in Veenendaal: 23 and 30 October (8:15 – 17:00)

Online TL-training courses*:

  • English: 4 mornings on 9/10/16/17 November (8:15 – 12:30)
  • Dutch: 4 mornings on 12/13/19/20 November (8:15 – 12:30)
  • Dutch: 4 evenings on 7/8/9/10 December (18:30 – 22:00)

* For this online TL-training, the same material will be treated as the normal TL-training, but in a concise form with a clear focus on the turnaround of companies. Both courses contain the ingredients and tools to renew your company.

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